Shared Experience | 66 x 54 in. | acrylic on canvas | 2015

A grid-based cascading pattern, divided diagonally into a total of 792 triangles, all painted individually on canvas in their own hue and colour. No colours are repeated and each is unique.

Uses primarily reds and blues, yet the initial impression can be a mirage: the range of colours includes many greens, browns and pinks. A very striking end-result, shimmering and reflecting its colours into the room.

Draws eyes to it even from across the hall, needs it’s own wall and plenty of viewing space. Colours seem to shift and sections selectively light up as the days and seasons progress.

A painting that may be difficult to get bored of, it’s quite relaxing on the eye and mind. Coaxes viewer into focused relaxation, a calm and meditative state with the eye and mind wandering yet still aware as it moves across the canvas.

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