Art allows the mind to relax and wander, to let go of the mundane and focus on the things that really matter.

After first drawn to painting after being inspired by Cubism’s proposal of perceiving the physical, I create paintings that play on human vision and perception. My practice focuses keenly on the intersection of abstraction and representation, subconscious and conscious, art and technology. Trained as a mechanical engineer, my research into materials sciences and industrial design lead eventually to art as a profession and vocation.

Any number of subjects from my rather arcane interests as well as my own contemplations of changing self and observations of the current zeitgeist inspire my work. My style is informed by technological precision and analog draughtsman-ship with visible readings from cubism, minimalism, the colour theorists, the abstract expressionists, although the diversity of subject matter defy any single classification.


Most of the time there is a concept that has particular significance based around which an artwork is conceived, other times the specific materials dictate the piece into a composition that complements it. There is an apparent love of paint, the physicality of it. As with all art the self and the context is projected which invites subjective readings, which I welcome.

I am very much curious of new and emergent technologies and how they continue to drive progress and further innovation, pushing our collective knowledge forward, and how they affect the sensibilities of form, design, and art. The end result of the work is an object that remains decidedly handmade in the face of increasing automation, despite being possible, directly or indirectly, only by modern technology and scientific advancements.

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