Of This Earth | 69 x 42 in | acrylic on canvas | 2015

A depiction of a larger than life tribal african mask in a cubist style. The idea revolves around the concept that we are all one, the red earth background signifying that we are all ‘of this earth’, and painted with the diversity of human skin tones

I wanted this painting to be multi-cultural, to represent the volatility and diversity of humankind, to celebrate it, yet as a reminder of our roots, which are all collectively bound together in a tapestry of life and history.

This painting’s larger than life proportions adding something indescribable to the ambience. There is a certain primitive quality about it, imposing and projecting its presence into the room with power and mysterious knowledge.

It is a powerful image, no doubt, since faces are deeply ingrained into our minds with specialized areas since we were infants. The yellows of the nose and cheek are especially gratifying. There are also other colours: portrait pink, umbers and siennas.

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