Killer Whale | 40 x 78 in. | acrylic on canvas | 2020

Another apex predator. The aerodynamic shape and huge power of the killer whale allows it to reach incredible speeds underwater. They’ve also got huge brains, and the cortex of their brain is more convoluted than the human cerebral cortex. They also evolve through culture, have families, language and local dialects, hunt and play cooperatively. They dive deep too, using their ability to regulate blood flow to heart and brain at will. Beautiful creatures.

Killer whales are black and white for a reason; their colouring helps to camouflage them by obscuring their outline in the water. It’s because looking up to the surface from under them, the light colour on their bellies makes them appear invisible to most other animals. The same goes for from above – the water below is dark therefore anything above them cannot see them.

The eye circles may have been selected for because they make it look bigger against would be predators (now extinct).

Painted in black and white with deep blue background, 2 meters wide and 1 meter tall.

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