Countryside | 39 x 51 in. | acrylic on canvas | 2016

38 individually painted shapes to give the impression of a vast landscape as seen from a great distance or height. Features fields, mountains, hills, clouds and sky.

The sky in particular features a carefully mixed and painted gradient as day turns to night. The shadow of a cloud mass can be seen extending to its left, and into the sky.

There is the illusion of space, but all sections are laid next to each other on a flat surface, and the mind follows the shapes through time and fills in the details.

This is an original composition that required careful measurements and skillful handling of tools and pigments to achieve the desired effect of colours constrained to crisp straight lines. The divisions between the sections are straight and quite visible. They often catch the light, and when they do, highlight the sections surrounding it.

This minimalist landscape seems to shift in tone as the day progresses. It is visible even in dark conditions, such as at night: the clouds and sky catching and reflecting even the slightest hints of light. The overall effect of the painting is quite bright and vibrant, however, with a strong colour contrast between the top (blue) section and bottom (brown).

Palette includes but not limited to combinations of prussian blue, light blue permanent, cerulean blue, raw umber, burnt umber, raw sienna, yellow ochre, olive green, sap green and indian red.

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